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Living Creation’s Rhythms 

Welcome to my blog! I’m a Jewish follower of Jesus, a wife and a mother living creation’s rhythms through ancient Scriptures while following the faith of our forefathers together. I help families by sharing Biblically-inspired home and family growth tips with a focus on the Biblical Holidays.

Brittni grew up a part of multi-generational family businesses in Northeast Ohio. At a very young age, she knew it was her heart’s desire to be a wife and to have a family of her own. After coming to faith in Jesus led by clicking a digital advertisement, Brittni went to Bible college in Dallas, TX to pursue her passion for the Gospel. During her studies, she was introduced to a nice Jewish guy named Joseph who also had an extensive background in family ministry. A few years later they signed the ketubah in the rose gardens of her hometown.

Now, Joseph and Brittni work together in marketing creating Bible engagement tools for millions of users worldwide helping people experience the Jewish story of the Bible. 

Together, they have a beautiful daughter; the family legacies continue. 

Every day, Brittni’s great-grandmother kept track of the weather from year to year, writing everything down on stacks of calendars. By studying the weather patterns, she knew how to prepare for the times & seasons ahead. After all, the weather alone directly effected how successful the family business was that year. Brittni’s family learned, quite literally, how to live creation’s rhythms through nature. 

Growing up with this lifestyle, Brittni started noticing that the Bible is a clock; its times and seasons have a unique rhythm of its own. 

Just like her great-grandmother learned how to live by creation’s rhythms naturally, Brittni wants to help you discover how to live by creation’s rhythms Biblically. 

With each New Moon, a new month begins on the Biblical calendar. In Hebrew, this day is called “Rosh Chodesh”. It’s a small reminder from God saying, “Today is a day of renewal and restoration – a new month begins. Remember, my child, that I am the One who holds your seasons…” It’s a monthly rhythm of thankfulness. Where is Rosh Chodesh mentioned in the Bible? Should you celebrate this day like the Children of Israel did? How do you incorporate this monthly observance into your life? Read “9 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Rosh Chodesh” to learn more.

Free New Moon calendar download included! 

A Passover Collection of Family Stories

At dinner tables around the world, families will sit together to tell the story of how the Hebrew people were freed from slavery in Egypt. The dinner is guided by a Passover Haggadah and a Seder plate while families sing, ask questions, tell stories, and act out...

9 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Rosh Chodesh

Did you know the moon is what punctuates the Biblical holidays and lifecycles? The birth of a new moon marks the first day of a new month on the Lunar cycle (Lunar is derived from the latin word, “Luna/Lunaris” meaning “moon”). This Lunar cycle is 29.5 days long....

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