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About Brittni

Believer • Wife • Mother • Storyteller

At the end of senior year in High School, we were instructed to write down our goals of what we wanted in life.

My goal was simple: I wanted to be a wife.

All I wanted was to be a wife to a man who loved me and the rest of my life would figure itself out. And now, years later with God’s kindness, I’m living my dream with abundant blessing.

I’m married to an incredible man named Joseph & together we have a sweet little baby. Joseph and I met in Dallas, TX at a conference while I was a student in college. A few  years later we signed the ketubah in the rose gardens of my hometown in Youngstown, OH.

Together, we work in digital marketing providing Bible engagement tools for millions of users worldwide. Download the latest project here.  

Marriage & Motherhood

More importantly than anything else, we spend a lot of time k’velling over how precious our baby is. Family is one of the most treasured things in our lives. 

Motherhood is a funny thing. I always knew I wanted to be a wife — but I never knew I wanted to be a mom until I became one. Growing up, I was told by multiple doctors that I would never be able to bare my own children so I never gave it much thought. But that miraculous first kick inside my womb changed my life forever.

My husband and my children are my life’s greatest purpose. 


My Interests & Hobbies

I’m a very active person with too many hobbies. I love outdoor activities like kayaking, swimming, walking and exploring new cities while wearing my little one in her ergobaby and telling stories.

But the center of my heart is our home. 

I love home rhythms. Cooking, sewing, crocheting, gardening, interior design – you name it. If it’s in the home – it’s 100% my vibe. One of the things I love to make the most is hand-sewn Challah covers. 

Living Our Faith

Home life is what makes our faith so important to my family. And this is what you’ll find by visiting my website. My blog is about living creation’s rhythms through ancient scriptures with my family as we follow the faith of our forefathers together. 

So thanks for visiting my website! I hope you’ll stick around, explore what I have to offer and sign up for my e-newsletters. I hope my posts will add much encouragement and inspiration to your life as we join this journey together!

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