Celebrate Tu B’shevat with our Family Favorite Craft

Celebrate Tu B’shevat with our Family Favorite Craft

Tu B’shevat, the “new year” for trees on the Jewish calendar, is one of the most craft-tastic holidays, in my opinion. There’s a MILLION tree crafts to do with your kids!

It’s also a special time to teach your children something about God and His promises, too. Whether it’s about having a mustard seed of faith mentioned in Matthew 17:20, the parable of sowing and reaping in Matthew 13, how God created food for us in Genesis 1:29 or that we are redeemed by the promise of a seed through Yeshua the Messiah in Genesis 3.

From the tree in Genesis to the tree in Revelation, the Bible is a story about seeds.

So while you’re thinking of a Bible story to share, here’s our tree-hugging family favorite craft. Make sure to check out the unique idea at the end!

The Button Tree

Buttons are something I love to collect. From the simplest to the craziest, using them to craft or to sew, I must have them all. Button trees are super fun to make and the sky is the limit with creativity.

Here’s what you need:
• blank canvas
• paint
• paint brushes
• buttons (these look SO CUTE in a tree!)
• hot glue gun (get one here)

Here’s a few button trees we’ve made over the years together.

Crafting with Seeds

When my children get a little older and we make some more button trees, I’d like to craft with seeds instead of buttons. Specifically with magnolia seeds.

I first discovered magnolia seeds when I took a house tour of the famous Martha Berry’s victorian home. Martha had planted all kinds of trees, plants and bushes around the property which grew into a very beautiful garden. As I was walking around, I kept noticing these odd looking pine cones on the ground. I picked one up and they were filled with bright red berries inside! I looked up at the tree and realized I was standing under a Magnolia and these were its seed. I had NO idea that’s what they looked like!

Seeds and the promises of life continue to inspire me everyday.

Here’s what magnolia seeds look like.

Wild looking “pinecone” right?! Can you see how making these button trees WITH seeds, too?! So exciting.

If you don’t have a magnolia tree locally, you can buy a bag of seeds off Etsy. But I highly encourage you to go seed searching first. Take your kids outside and look around in your yard, then the playground, etc. And see what kind of seeds you can find! If you find only pinecones, chip off some small pieces of it and use it as the bark on your canvas tree.

Nature’s creativity is endless!

Happy Tu B’shevat, friends. May you and your family bloom like a thousand flowers of the greatest magnolia tree.

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