Shalom! I'm Brittni Greenberg.

Every day, my great-grandmother kept track of the weather from year to year, writing everything down on stacks of calendars.

By studying the weather patterns, she knew exactly how to prepare for the times & seasons ahead. After all, the weather alone directly effected how successful the family business was that year.

My family learned, quite literally, how to live creation’s rhythms through nature. Growing up with this lifestyle, I started noticing that the Bible is a clock; its times and seasons have a unique rhythm of its own. Just like my great-grandmother learned how to live by creation’s rhythms naturally, I want to help you discover how to live by creation’s rhythms Biblically.

Meet My Family

Brittni was introduced to Joseph Greenberg at the MJAA Regional Conference in Grapevine, TX by Dr. Jeffrey Seif. After a few years of friendship and many conferences later, they signed the ketubah in the rose gardens of Brittni's hometown in 2014.

With multiple generations of family entrepreneurship and ministry on both sides, Joseph & Brittni continue the family promise of teaching parents and children how to build the Kingdom of God together in their homes.

As part of the Founding family of the Tree of Life Version (TLV), Joseph & Brittni have a strong desire for sharing God's Word, teaching Biblical literacy, and spreading the Good News of Yeshua Messiah to the whole world, starting in their home first.

Together, they have two children and reside in the great state of Texas.

What I Believe

Judaism is a faith that is homegrown, thriving in the environment of family.

I'm a Jewish person who believes that Yeshua, Jesus, is the promised Messiah of Israel, according to the prophecies found in the Torah and Tanakh. We are a multi-generational observant Jewish family celebrating the Biblical holidays, keeps Shabbat, eats Biblically-kosher, and welcomes Jewish tradition whenever it's fruitful.

From Genesis to Revelation, I believe the Bible is an almanac with a story about seeds and the redemption of life. On my lifestyle blog, I share practical life application tips for incorporating these simple Biblical rhythms into a family's everyday life. This rediscovered ancient lifestyle greatly enriches one's faith journey with the God of Israel and His Son, Jesus.

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