How to Make Pressed Flower Shabbat Candles

How to Make Pressed Flower Shabbat Candles

Tree of Life Version (TLV)

With every seed I plant, I wait with expectant hope for the breakthrough of glorious new life. Right before my eyes, I watch the little seedlings stretch out from their time capsules as they wake with the dawn. A sigh of relief, “it is our time…”

Each and every flower so unique, and so beautiful.

“How can I stop the sand from falling and preserve your beauty forever?” I think to myself.

I love flowers. I would keep all of them if I could. My husband would probably laugh and say, “she honestly tries to”.

My Favorite Flowers

I know of two flowers for sure that will forever grow in my heart.

My sweet daughters are named after my favorite flowers. And I can truly say, they hold all of creation’s glory inside of them. There is nothing more captivating than the way their curls look bouncing in the sunlight or the wonder held by the depth of their ocean blue eyes.

And just like my flowers, I spend so much time watching my daughters as they grow and admiring their life.

Like tiny seeds, they are so full of potential. And through them I know that generations of our family will continue to multiply like a never-ending nesting doll.

And as a Mom both knowing where we came from and watching life grow ahead, I preserve time as best as I can.

I do that by writing down our stories in our Family Bible.

Preserving Time + The Family Bible

The Family Bible is a time capsule, holding secrets of the past as a skeleton key to the future.

It’s is a collection of Israel’s family diary as well as the stories of our own.

And the flowers.

Our Bible is full of flowers that I pressed in between the pages with an attempt to hold onto them a little while longer.

One of my favorite ways to use them are by making beautiful, pressed flower Shabbat candles.

Here’s How to Add Pressed Flowers to your Candles

Pin now – make later!

Here’s how to add pressed flowers to your Shabbat candles.

*Important note: Because this includes a flame and hot wax, I do not recommend this craft for young children.

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Supply List:

Pressed flowers. Because I grow so many of my own flowers, I usually save them. Or if someone gets me a bouquet for Shabbat, I’ll save the petals. But Amazon also sells collections of pressed flowers that are SO beautiful and sometimes a lot more convenient. They are commonly used for resin crafts, but I’ve used them before for candles, too! So if you don’t have a lot of time and space to press your own, check out what Amazon offers here.

A Paint Brush. You can use any kind of small paint brush. I’ve even used the cheap ones that come in my children’s little paint kits.

Tealight Candles & Matches. I always have a stock pile of small tealight candles at home. Make sure they are pure white so they match the traditional white Shabbat candles. You can get a 200-pack of them here on Amazon, but I’ve also purchased smaller packs from the Dollar Tree whenever I see them stocked. This goes without saying, but you’ll need a way to light your candle as well. (If you’re looking for a cool way to store your matches for Shabbat, check this out!)

Shabbat Candles. These are the candles you’ll be adding your pressed flowers to. Hooray! We keep a stockpile of Shabbat candles just like the tealights. I get them from Amazon here. Depending on your location, you can also find Shabbat candles in the Kosher section at your grocery store, too.


  1. Light one tealight candle and wait a few minutes for it to burn down. You want to use its wax.
  2. While you’re waiting, pick your flowers for each candle.
  3. Take your flower and hold it onto the candle. Dip your brush in the melted wax and – quickly – brush the wax onto the flower. The wax dries very fast as soon as you remove it from the candle. Cover the whole flower in hot wax so it dries and sticks to the candle. It will take a few coats. Depending on how many flowers you plan to use, light another tealight candle.

Pair your beautifully-made candles with your favorite candlesticks and challah cover and welcome Shabbat together!

Shabbat shalom, friend!

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