Sukkot Decorations: How to Make a Hanging Paper Craft for your Sukkah

Sukkot Decorations: How to Make a Hanging Paper Craft for your Sukkah

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Tree of Life Version (TLV) Messianic Jewish Family Bible

Skip the store & plan ahead:

Get a hot glue gun here.

Get a pad of construction paper in primary colors here.

*Note: you can use any size paper you want, just make sure it’s a square. I always have 12x12in paper laying around because I use it for my Cricut.

The more cuts you make, the more intricate looking your end result will be. I like making a lot of cuts because it looks SO cool when it’s finished. But mess around with how you want them to look and find your own paper-hanging sukkah vibe.

If you don’t have a hot glue gun, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing one. I can’t live without mine. Because you’re bending paper, the hot glue really helps it stay in place without coming undone. And these beautiful decorations are going to be spending a lot of time hanging in the wind in your sukkah, so you’ll want them to be able to last and enjoy them as much as you can!

This tutorial was originally posted on my Instagram page. If you haven’t already, please connect with me @Brittni.Greenberg and send me a photo of your Sukkot decorations! I love seeing photos of all God’s people celebrating His moadim together in freedom.

Praise Yeshua!

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