Yom Kippur Applique Lamb Block

Yom Kippur Applique Lamb Block

Not sure how I’m going to use this lamb block, but I made it for Yom Kippur to tell a story to my two-year-old about Yeshua’s final atonement that He made for us.

Ironically enough, my daughter was also born on Yom Kippur. (Yes, I was “deeply afflicted” with 10+ hours of child labor on that day.)

I think children understand a lot more than we think they do. It seems like it’s often the adults who have to keep up. That might be why the Gospels say to come to Him with a childlike faith.

As soon as I gave the block to my daughter and told her a short story, she grabbed it and ran around the house with it like it was a flag. She would then carefully lay it out flat on different surfaces and spend a few minutes just looking at it.

In those few moments of studying it, I hope she was thinking about the story I had just told her about Yeshua as the Lamb.

Then it turned back into a flag and off she went running laps around the house again.

As I was watching her I thought to myself, “that’s the best message for a flag to wave.”

My sweet girl, I pray that message becomes your life’s banner: Yeshua Saves.

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